Miss Independent

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Independent

MissIndependent: I am smart, capable, i have my degree, a car, a nice job and I don’t need a man for anything. why can’t I find a good man?

Hey Miss I.

                    It seems as if you may have answered your own question. You can’t find a man because you don;t need a man. Men at the end of the day won’t be around if they arn’t needed. I mean If you  doing so well and everything is going so good what int he world would you need a man for? What could a man do for you? i agree being a strong woman is a great thing, being beautiful is great. If a woman spends more time telling a man they don’t need him then why does he need to be there. Oh yeah thats right because “You” decided you wanted him there. Well it goes both ways. Here’s my advice, try just being open and aware, don’t view all men you meet as potential candidates, how about just enjoy them and their company and let the rest take care of its self. Sometimes when there is no pressure there isn’t a need to worry about what maybe.

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