Flaming Lips

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Gay Male

Flaming Lips,
I am an African American college student. Not to mention I am a gay male. In college the people on campus look at me weird and often talk about me behind my back. Yes I wear loud clothes, yes my chest puff out, and I walk like I am on the cat walk as I stroll through campus. But I have recently herd rumblings of rumors starting about me and I am unsure of what to do and how to handle it.

Hey Flaming

I’ve never been where you are, so I can only speak but so much. This is what I know as long as you are on a college campus with people there will always be rumors about you because you con’t control that or others peoples actions. You also can’t control others peoples thoughts on any matter. One thing I have noticed about African american gay men is that they go above and beyond to make sure they are noticed. It is like they can’t be gay and keep it moving. There is this overall need for acceptance by people, so i have noticed them go over the top in everything, from actions, to attire, to walk, to even speaking about an issue or two. this needs to be seen and accepted makes no sense to me at all. Is there is a need to walk with your chest puffed out, loud color clothes, and just everything to make yourself stand out more? I mean rumors are rumors. African American men have always been the epitome of masculine even the ones who are gay they carry themselves in such a way where one may never know. To me this need of acceptance is like you don;t know who you are and need other people to validate or you’re unsure if you’re totally gay and need other people to green light it. Know who you are, be true to yourself, there is no gay attire or code you need to adhere to, because trust me no one is counting or looking to heavy as to whom goes into your bedroom unless you’re making a big deal about it. I hope that helps

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