Miss Nag-A-Hoe

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Nagging

Miss Nag-a-Hoe,

                                I love my man, i really do, but sometimes, it is hard to be with him. He sleeps most of the day, the house looks a mess, and he used to work, now he just is. I nag him daily about what he do and how he does it but ht just ignores me. What to do?

Hey Miss Nag

                          What you’re doing off the break is wrong, you’re nagging him. there is no need to nag a man, sometimes a man just needs to know his woman is behind him and believes in him. the fact she trusts him and believes in the decisions he makes and will be there to support him in all the choices he decides to make. Have you taken a moment to sit down and talk to him and see where his dreams and aspirations are? have you tried to encourage him and his goals? I mean nagging is great but after you hear a message one time you’ve herd it enough to make building with the bricks. Now you made you’re point in your displeasure you can make a point to try and progress and move on and build strong with him is thats what you want. If not then show him the door, and explain to him why and keep it going.

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