Cutie Pie

Posted: May 16, 2011 in CutiePie


        I’m a cutie mixed girl. I am a southern bell is there is one. I moved north and so many people do so many things so fast in the north compared to the south. I want to date but I am afraid these  people will eat me alive.  I first went to New York City and now I am in suburban, Maryland. How do I make sure I am not eaten alive and do the best I can do to be happy?

Cutie Pie

Hey Cutie Pie

I know a few people that have came from the south to the north and  they loved the attention. I mean if you are the southern belle you say your are I bet your just a peach. Let your personality guide you to as many smiles as you can.  Don’t allow the people to make you move faster in a relationship then you want to. Make the men treat you like a lady and if they can;t move on from them. i mean if you’re a cutie let me see that picture1 lol nah I’m joking. Like i said if you learned great core values from home stick to those and you’ll be fine no matter where the pressure comes from.

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