Love Sick

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Love


I am a successful woman, who has no problem getting attention from guys. Currently I am dating a few different men. Most of them are great but i feel like they don’t have time to give me all I need. I want romance, fine dining, love, and all those nice things. Am i doing something wrong or just hoping for tom much?


Hey Luv,

First off its great that people still want romance. In a world of so much instant gratification the fact someone wants to slowdown and just have some romance in their life is great I applaud you for that. Now the fact you are dating many men is not really an issue unless you promised exclusivity to just one. What I will say is this. its hard to get a level of romance from a man if you’re not allowing that to happen because there are to many men to juggle. Another things is you go to remember a lady is treated as a lady allows herself to be treated. If a man doesn’t open the door for you, then politely clear your throat, or later politely remind him that you’re a lady and expect to be treated as such. Most woman learn how to be treated from watching their mothers and fathers interact and realize thats how a lady is supposed to be treated. This man might not know how to do that which happens. Politely remind him and if he doesn’t conform, then let those men go.

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