Posted: June 2, 2011 in Slutty

I admit it, I’m a slut and like to do slutty things. I like taking two men at a time, flashing myself, doing things in public, and just “enjoying” myself as it were. My question or problem is when I am ready to settle down, how will people be able to take me seriously?

Slutty Red

Hey Slutty Red,

Whats up Slutty Red? Well sometimes we have to have fantasies and we want to live them out. Sometimes we have to do the things we want to do. Being a slut is one things or another thing. So how about this, keep your slutty ways on the low. Don’t do everything in public, if you want to be a slut keep it in the closet and on the low. Men like a freak in private and a woman/lady in the streets. It turns men on. do the things you like to do in another city around strangers. If you want to  do it and be taken seriously on the other end then you need not have people look at you and be recognized by the strangers so when your potential mate sees you and finds you he need not have his people friends telling him that they did you.

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