Sorry hoe

Posted: June 2, 2011 in cheater

My man is great. He treats me with respect, love, adornment, smiles and everything. I admit I’ve cheated, I’m lusted, even wished to be used as someone’s trash. I keep coming back to him because he’s the greatest love I’ve had. How do I keep him after all I’ve done?

Sorry Hoe

Dear Sorry Hoe,

cheating on your man is not a good thing, it never is a good thing. Especially if you claim is that he’s great and does everything you need for him to do. The proper way to move past it is to explore your fantasies with your mate. But i think first you need to find an avenue to come clean with him and tell him that those way are behind you if they truly are, if they are not the proper thing for you to do is set him free and allow him to charger new territory, if he comes back then love is on your side if now then you need to deal with the lost of a great love. My question to you is why can’t you explore this nasty trashy side with him? Don’t you know that if you’re in the street doing this that  people are seeing you and you are representing him while out there?

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