Back Door Betty

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Anal


So my husband wants to try anal. I am not sure where that came from out the blue but he seems to want to give it try. I admit I am curious, but i think it will hurt and I am not sure where it came from out the blue. What should I do?

Back Door Betty


Well I suggest talking to your partner open and honestly and see where his sudden interest in doing that came from. Express your openness to it as well as your concerns on the matter, he may surprise you and give you information that you didn’t previously have as it relates to him. It is always good when there is a little mystery in a marriage, hopefully not too much but a lil bit doesn’t hurt at all. If you come to the decision to do it, i suggest taking your time on the matter, lots of lube help. Use astroglide or better. You might want to start by looking at videos together especially if thats your thing and see how the pros do it, see if its something that you can do. Be clean be safe. also you may want to take some time and stretch your hole open. Use something like butt plugs, smaller than larger, also if you already use dildos then you can try that as well. I hope this information helps.

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