Head Games

Posted: July 27, 2011 in head


I don’t know what to do. I love head more than I love sex. Most times I would rather get head then have sex. When I get woman to come around I look at their lips and wounder how they will feel around my dick. Not sure if its right or wrong but when they enter my room i instantly go into a mode into which i try and figure out how to get head. Is that wrong or is there a problem and if its isn’t how do I make it much easier on myself.

Head master

yo headmaster,

This is the thing, head is a great thing especially when you enjoy it. There are many woman out there willing to give you the pleasure and actually enjoy giving you the pleasure orally. There are many places that have pools of people who just want to do it. there are sites  I am sure you can find them if not I am sure if you’re open with these people in public that you meet then they will give you exactly what you ask for, remember head is a wonderful thing and with the right lips. Magical!

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