Higher Education

Posted: July 28, 2011 in higher education

Advisor: What college should I go to? Higher Confusion
Hey Higher
Well most people go to the same college their parents attend. Thats a tradition that hold true for years. 
I think in this day and age people are so lucky to get in that they go where they are accepted. 
If you are fortunate to have many suitors looking for your services or to have you on board then I say 
go with the one you feel right about.Like if you feel good on one campus check out the town and see how 
that goes because the town might be to your liking then you definatly know how to move. 
I will say if you’re a jock consider 
your chances of getting on the sports time you desire and if it has a major program or not. 
thats the best advice i can give.

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