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Posted: October 31, 2011 in Guest Blog, Guest Bloggers


When you get done wasting your life and opportunities fronting for your peers, chasing trends and spending time doing what you think is “in”, what will you do to get back the time you wasted? No matter the amount of money in your bank account or in your pocket, you can’t run to the mall and catch some “time” on sale. You can’t play the lottery and be rewarded with “time”. You can’t dig some up or find it in your box of cereal.

Its gone.

Here’s the deal.  As people get older, it used to be expected that they would get wiser. That they would mature, that they would have gone through their lives and at some point figured out how to learn and grow from their mistakes, but now-a-days nothing could be further from the truth. Now a days our society is leading us to believe that growing up is the exact opposite of what you want to do. You’ll get wrinkles, you won’t be cool, you’ll be fragile and society will leave you behind if you grow up. If you get old. Right now you can log onto MySpace, facebook, twitter and any other social network on the internet and find older generations frontin’ and stuntin’ in inappropriate pictures, posts, outfits and screen names. Half naked grandmas, pimped out grandaddy’s, slutty aunt April and dick pics from uncle Lou and we expect better from our youth. TV isn’t any better with Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club replacing the shows we wanted to model ourselves after like the Cosby’s or Family Matters. (Just think about that title. Family MATTERS) Regardless of the music, media or web we are STILL responsible for doing better. Honestly, no one has the time to waste. How much more fulfilling would life be if you were living your life going after your passion? How much happier would you be if you looked yourself in the mirror and said, “I love you. YOU are enough.”?  And believed it. We have to help each other snap out of stupidity and take advantage of the time and this precious gift of life that has been given to us.  The time to do that is now.  No, its not easy to grow up and stop living your life selfishly, doing only what pleases you or encourage others to do so, but it’s so crucial. What you won’t find in the media or social networks is the positives of maturity. You are worth way more to a corporation when your stupid enough to sit in front of a tv and buy/believe and follow everything they present to you, so they aren’t going to show you that. They want your TIME and money.

Its such a beautiful thing to, KNOW better. Knowing how not to make the same foolish mistakes, knowing yourself better than anyone else, strength and confidence to achieve more than you ever thought you could because you aren’t easily shaken. If nothing you’ve read here means anything to you, at least chew on this- People who are blessed enough to live into their golden years, when asked “What’s the thing you wish someone had told you growing up?” The most common answers were wishing someone had told them to love themselves and the people in their lives more, spent time with the people they held dear and really going after their dreams instead of caring what people thought.  Trust me, the people you are trying to impress aren’t going to be around when your 80, regretting the fact that you wasted what cannot be recouped…

Time. So tell me, how will you be spending yours

Credits to my guest blogger: Twitter Name @ThaDva

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