Hitch Effect

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Heartbreaker

I am not  sure of you guys remember the movie from 2005 called HITCH. This was a Will Smith movie from where  the main character Alex Hitchens Is a date doctors who was spurned by loved and basically felt like no other guy should feel what he felt ever and he set out to make that happen. I hate to say this I really do but ladies you create HITCH’s each and every hour of the date by the way you reject guys and the fact you reject them. I am not here saying you should give your number to every guy, not at all. What I am saying is that the way you reject a guy should be in a better way.

For example I remember there was a time a few years back I was at the train station and I saw a few girls around and a dude politely walked up and approached, greeted them all, and then asked to converse with one of them. She replied “EWWWWW NO!” very loudly it actually echoed through the train station I am sure people on the lower platforms heard. I wondered to myself was that really necessary? Did she really have to do that? How hard was it say, : I’m sorry i’m not interested, or  I have a boyfriend, or whatever in a quiet manner. I mean think about it, how would you feel if the tables were turned and you worked up the courage to approach a guy and he turned looked at you and scream “ewwwwwwwww, no” in public. How would you feel and what would happen to your confidence?  She basically crushed that dudes spirit and his self esteem  for what? From what I remember of this females she wasn’t the best looking female in the world either, she just had an audience. I am sure that guy probably went home got himself better together and start macking girls and pulling them and hurting them based off that singular experience. I know if I was him I would have. I would have made the next 4 girls I got pay for her childish remark. Yes I now it isn’t their fault I am aware, but it is to prove a point.

Back to Hitch, his job was basically the date doctor, he helped men get and keep the woman they wanted. Whats wrong with connecting true love? I mean as a woman shouldn’t it be flattering that a man would go to such lengths to get you and keep you? He felt you were so unattainable that he had to go to someone for help? You weren’t tricked because in the end you still fall in love and get to know the man you probably wouldn’t have noticed and given a chance if you seen him on the street and he approached you. He’s the same guy no difference. All Hitch has done was take the original man and brings out the part you’re attracted to added some confidence  so in essence its the same guy.

As I said before I hate to pass blame I really do, but woman create people like this who make it their sole purpose to get back and help other men never go through a heart ache or break. These are the same guys that ladies want when they say  ” I want a nice guy!’ Well ask yourself what happened the last time you had a nice guy? how did you treat him? Did you enjoy your nice guy? Since he is what you wanted in the first place right? In most cases the answer is no, the nice guy wasn’t enjoyed, you want to know why? Because you guess it, he was to nice. That is the common saying from most woman. Too nice?? What the hell is that? How is a person too nice, especially when you asked for a nice guy? The truth is and this maybe hard to stomach you don’t have an idea exactly what or who you want until you fall in love with them. To say anything different is irresponsible.

Many woman will read this post and say ”thats not me” They will go on to blast me and call me all sorts of names and say I am just ‘bitter” or whatever. Here’s a truth  for you I was on the end of a few rejections. I have had my fair share with lovely woman inside and out, international woman, wealthy background woman, and more. I’m not saying that to brag I am going a step further to prove a point. If you just give a normal dude a chance, on any given day you just might meet the mean who will change your life. For the better.

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