Do You

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Do You

Do You

I was reading Russell Simmons book “;Do You” and I decided to pen this post because frankly we spend so much time not doing us. We’re busy doing other people, being other people, and not true to ourselves. You owe it to yourself to be true, be open and honest, and keep it real.

1.)    The first step is to look in the mirror really look deep into your eyes see the faults, cracks, the fall lines.

2.)    Write down what they are the truth, Write down what you see, who you are, and the good and the bad.

3.)    Read the list and understand what you see and why, then read it again to make sure ( this make take sometime)

4.)    Apologize to yourself. Make sure to go to a mirror to do this so you can look yourself in the eye and make a genuine apology for those wrongs knowing and understanding how you contributed and what you can/will do to fix them.

5.)    Develop and implements a plan to fix the wrongs and bad. Even if you got to shut off communication for a while to do it. Do it, trust it will serve you well later to have this task complete.

6.)    Finalize everything review and go over all the steps, make sure you complete them to the letter and then write a letter to yourself apologizing again, laying out your plan for change , what you see coming, and the changes you already see. Keep the letter and put it in a envelope, date it and come back 6 months to keep yourself honest.

This is the best and honest way to DO you with success and help yourself progress in my opinion. For once you understand self, choices and why you do them can help you progress to the next level.

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