Mental Health

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Meditation


The key to meditation is breathing. The relationship with yourself and your breath is the most intimate relationship you will ever have for without it you’d be in the grave. When meditating focus on your breath and as you do the outside distractions and noise from the mental and everywhere else will disappear.

At times it takes a relationship on that level to truly understand how great the universe is and how truly great God is. The universe is God and we are products of both him and the universe that’s why what goes around comes back around as the universe moves in a circle. That’s how air circulates through the body in a circular motion. When meditating you’re drawing in the freshness of the universe the light, the air, the energy, and taking it in to replace what you previously exhaled. When you exhale you’re releasing your small worries, issues, and displaced energy to be taken care of by the vast universe.

I intend to give you the blueprint to meditate for effectiveness. See mediation is love, peace, understanding, connection, belief, and will power.

Step one: Find a quiet place you can keep quiet for an hour max you should prefer it to be able to receive natural light.

Step two: Secure a pose you can stay in comfortably for an hour without moving, shifting, or needed to change positions.

Step three: Close your eyes and simply breathe, to clear your sense, release energy and prepare yourself.

Step four: Start to focus your breathing into a rhythm one, two, three, four, allowing it to pace with your heart. Let the beating of your heart be the new focus.

The silence maybe a hard thing in the beginning most of us always have something going on, music, phone, radio, tv, books, what have you. This peace is a blessing. Allow the problems, issues, and roadblocks to leave this level of existence. As you breathe they will fade from memory and exist in the distance. They start to slowly fade away as breathing, and the sound of going through your body becomes the only sound heard. If your butt gets numb, your nose itch, or anything else don’t move, have discipline. As you go through the process you’ll realize how insignificant the mess you were worried about is, you’ll find distractions will disappear. While you can’t fight the issues on thought that enter you can breathe them out. You have to learn to appreciate the silence and calm that has just entered your life, In this stillness you are closet to GOD. In this space you can send and receive God in this entire glory. Just this practice goes a long way towards enhancing and protecting mental health.

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