Do You 2

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Do You

The quest to do you isn’t all steps it is miles within miles you have to understand how to run walk and jog. This will be a marathon so come prepared to run or go the distance. In the effort to do you, one has to examine your baggage, what you bring into life, into relationships, and into your life. To truly go there you have to be willing to open those suit cases an examine.

A major thing that helps you do you is understanding your worth. See your worth is not in a bank account, clothes you wear, what you got between your legs, or even your slick tongue. A woman needs to value her self by more than what’s between her legs but what’s in her head. The mind is a valuable tool that most women want men to focus on but when it comes down to it she will rely on her body to get her in the door. A woman needs to be cognizant of herself and her surroundings and the person she comes into contact with while is deciding to do what she does. The same goes for a man when it comes down to decided what he does the value of himself is not in the abs, smile, on his tool it is in his words, his heart, his soul.

A man on the other side has to be more mindful of the woman in the situation. She is out looking her life partner; she’s emotional, temperamental, edgy, and just really wants to move forward. Men woman has standards, they have a list of things they want and expect in a minute. Sometimes woman have a list of 10 things they expect in a man and usually expect men to meat the entire list.

There is a group of woman who believe because they are woman, because they are pretty a man should be falling allover them and willing to do whatever. Guess what ladies looks fade. Shocking revelation I know but if your personality sucks, if you can’t speak well, or bring anything to the table a man will tire of you. In the end you’ll be zipping and draining his pockets, emotionally, physically. You should never want your partners to view you as a burden, absolutely. Try your best to be an asset to anyone’s life. Trust in the end it will make you better when you do you.

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