Relationships – Love

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Love, Relationship

The affairs of the heart is a magical time in two people’s lives where they connect over emotions, love, lust, sex, drugs, video games. They usually have some like in common even if its hurting each other or themselves. From the point of recognizing this like they develop feelings and decide they want to explore them. Most war strategist would tell you that love is for the weak and a waste of time. At the same time they would fight for their country, flag, woman, money, food, and shelter for the same love they call weak. The truth is they don’t want to feel the failure, the pain, the torment, or the other side of love. No one wants to feel that.

I’m off topic, relationships are about joining of two people and its hard work because folks have to be willing to put themselves to the side and take an honest look at what they are willing to give up in order to attain what they want, or claim to want. Love is a work in progress, especially when its relationships you have to be willing to put that other person to the side and work through. Having communication is at the forefront being willing to listen as well as speak. The heart is a valuable muscle and has blood pumping through it. It is the keeper of love. If love stops the heart doesn’t. It may pump slower or even hurt when it pumps because love relationships and betrayal don’t mix and that’s why when we speak about war we have to go to the point to totally examine the dynamic. Beware the betrayal is and always will be a sign of war. It’s war of the heart and that’s the dark side of love because it can hurt you in ways no one can imagine. Love is risky business especially relationships so be mindful, be careful, and walk with a patient mind and spirit. We’ll see what’s more to come.

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