Emotional Health

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Emotional health

Mental and emotional health goes hand in hand. One can be mentally jacked up but emotionally in a better place. They might not understand all the lines they cross with decisions, but they understand hurt, pain, tears, and anger they feel these things.

In an effort to keep things fair and open not having the best emotional health will totally ensure your mental health is not good.  One of the sure fire ways to test your emotional health is to pay attention and be in the moment. Watch yourself in the things you do. When something emotional happens be there, right there and look at the situation, be honest with yourself and how you exist in the situation, what you did, how you acted, and be unbiased in your results. Be harsh wth yourself because the truth is important to go up and progress to take yourself to the next level on the chart of progress. Being clear on the emotional is very important. Sometimes honesty is the best policy keeping things open and direct with yourself, the things you did wrong or where you could have handled a situation better. See the best emotional health is not for the one who cries all the time, claims love all the time, expresses emotions all over the place. Emotional health is when you can process the information of the events that have taken place. You’re not doing the unhealthy thing of holding it in. what holding emotions in does is give your body the signal that something is wrong, your body reacts, and physical sickness takes hold. What you don’t want is physical sickness to take hold, the reason why is because it doesn’t become completely clear what the true issue is, you can’t pinpoint it. You cry or get angry and are feeling the physical manifestations o that emotion. The key to solving it is to solve the emotion. Understand what you’re feeling and why, try to produce the information and bring everything to light. Emotional health is hard work and goes hand and hand with the mental work. One has to be willing to do both to attain success and keep success when it comes to the mental arena.

Here are the steps:

  1. Be honest
  2. Identify the problem
  3. Be unbiased in your view of the problem
  4. Take the problem apart and take steps to solve
  5. When solving stay in the reigns of what you can do
  6. Progress

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