Relationships – Family

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Family, Relationship

The family dynamic of a relationship is always weird. Sometimes you find yourself giving more of yourself than you thought you would or accepting more from a person than you thought was possible all for the sake of family. You let things go that with normal everyday people you wouldn’t normally let go. Like when family does you dirty, you over look and charge it to the game because they are family.

Sometimes with family you got to draw the line, cut people off and put them in their place, tell them its not okay to treat you any kind of way. They are not allowed to talk to you all wild and slick out the mouth. Family thinks they can just run up on you and use you for any and everything.

Sometimes in a family we have givers and takers. The givers are those who usually end up having nothing while the takers are those who end up with everything. Why? Because they just take and move on. They were predators while those who get taken for their kindness are prey. There is something wrong with that if you’re family that’s not something you should be doing. In some communities they have dynasties, clans, legacies.  Then in others they have a bunch of people with the same blood running around being knuckle heads and hurting one another. Do you know which kind you belong to? Here’s a hint, if only 10% of your family is well off and the rest are struggling or below then you have your answer. See there are families that think about the future and plan for it. They put the kids in the proper places to success, the proper money, the proper schools, proper friends who understand what it takes to get there. So this is what love from family is standing tall when its time to stand tall not get something out of it, or anything of that sort but to see a goal and want to go for it.

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