Crazy Queens

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Crazy

Women always want to be queens and princess. From early on in our society we push that onto them with dolls, movies, books, and clothes. So when woman get themselves together growing up they expect the fairy tail end and everything. They expect the prince. Which is fine and great? I think everywoman wants and should have their prince. I feel they should go the distance for their prince. Some of these women I would like to clarify as crazy queens. They fight so hard to maintain the aura that they are queens and princesses that they feel it allows them to act like brats, look down on people, talk down to people, take the best, and leave other people in their wake.

These crazy queens think they are above everyone. Usually these crazy queens feel they should get away with murder and get off scot free. These crazy queens allow things to get out of control with their speech, with their demands, and with how they deal with people. I have dated a few crazy queens, who treat people like that. They feel as if men should chase behind them, woman should envy them, and they have everything going for themselves. These are the same woman who mode, model, and label themselves as divas but act like pint sized children. They’re crazy because they believe people will continue to put up with that mess. Men are not built that way, we’re not built to take on abuse, verbal, mental, spiritual, emotional. We don’t do that an these crazy queens do that, they will beat you to the ground to make a point, to express themselves, to be right and  in the end make themselves feel better about themselves.

To be continued…….

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