Guide to keeping a man

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Guide

Ladies I hope this guide will assist you in doing what this generation feels is the impossible. Getting a man and keeping a man. See no matter if you’re dating, in a relationship, or a marriage, it is important to know that you have to the care of your man as he has to take care of you. Sometimes you have tap into his feminine side as well as his masculine. No this doesn’t mean treat him like a lady it means doing something small and out of the way to show him you care. For example after a date send him an e-card or a regular card by mail. Just to say thinking about you. Or take a slip of paper during the date and write a quick note to give to him after. Having long conversations about another man and his likes, your ex and all the problems you felt he had, your cats/dogs are assigned you’re not ready to date or even keep him. Sometimes woman want a man  to lead in everything life, conversation, building, and more. Then it becomes a woman’s job to guide. There is a difference between leading and guiding. Leading is the movement to arrive somewhere for example a man leads the conversation to a point while guiding is the mental, the thoughts of what damages maybe faced along the path and taking the best route.

In cultures the woman are quiet and let their men take the lead in public, but behind closed doors they make their influences felt, they plant thoughts, ideas, have discussions open and honest. They underestimate their power and harness it for the right time and on the right issues to make en effect. Often times the power is wasted on stupid and petty wants and needs, That turns a man off. As much as a woman wants to be effective and seen as strong and powerful.  You can have that sometimes by just letting go of certain things. Sometimes to keep your man you have to leave your comfort zone and learn. That means paying attention to yourself and to what your man responds to and not shunning his words, his ideas, and what appeals to him because it doesn’t appeal to you. Another thing to note is that men are aware that a woman doesn’t always feel sexy. At times we just like the sweats and t-shirts. But we do encourage you to take a hours or so a week to do the little things that make you feel sexy. If you need to have a long hot bath with candles around the tub, lights off soft music, and time to yourself then do that because when you know you’re sexy then we know you are sexy. Knowing your sexy allows for us to show you even more, how sexy you are. Just like for woman confidence in a man is sexy we feel the same way. We love to see confidence in a woman. When she knows where she is with her man and she’s comfortable with her place because its her desire to be there. You can save yourself a ton of misunderstanding and lost of power and love if you’re unsure and start reacting. That’s another thing men love and crave clear communication. So we can understand exactly where you come from and what you see. When a man is trying to give you information which could come as criticizing its your job to be open, as open as you would like him to be when you speak, have you for the positive and take you at your best. Most woman want to react, tell you what you’re doing wrong, make you feel bad and even remind you how some other guy might handle the same situation.

While dating and having several guys is great eventually an ultimatum will surface and emotions will get attached and you will have to make the tough decisions. It may indeed be easier to keep your options open and mouth closed when things bother you. How does that solve the problem? How does this aid you in your position? Going over to the next guy sooner or later you’ll find issue with him as well and have to find another. So when do you sit still and fight? Stand tall and figure out the best way to be open and solve your relationship worries. These steps are not the only sure fire way but they are steps to help you, steps to guide you along the path to keeping your man.

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