Posted: January 15, 2012 in Hope


The American heritage dictionary defines hope as: to wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment. I feel we in some areas or aspect of our life have forgotten how to hope. We expect and accept that things can, will, and have gone bad. Even when having all green lights while driving we usually cautiously creep through them for fear one man turn red. When we get something we have been dying to have, we wonder and even ask aloud WHY? It seems we don’t hope anymore.

One thing I fail to understand is how we don’t hope but we will pray. Isn’t that the same thing? We are praying to an entity in “hopes” of an answer and fulfillment of prayer. Sound familiar right? Within hope we don’t believe anymore. We don’t believe anything is possible anymore. We have to hold it, touch it, see it, breathe it, and in some cases even still we don’t feel it’s the truth. I think we stopped hopping the same time we gave away our imagination. So I love to sit and wonder, wish, gaze, and hope. The imagination gives me power to do that. I’m not one of those people you come across who doesn’t admit or see bad things, quite the opposite actually, but I feel that in life we can either give into bad or find a way to push out more of the good. To push out more of the good we have to continue to hope. Believe that any and everything is possible because guess what? It is. There are people out there willing to help with hope, help keep it alive, press it forward, and help the journey forward. You can’t leave anything to chance. Take a moment, think about something small you want, look at all the ways you feel it’s possible to get to it, and then see how and where hope can creep itself in there. I am sure there is some placement if you just allow yourself to be open to it. Hope has no limit, has no ceiling at all. One thing to remember people are willing to kill & die on the strength of hope. Are you willing to do for something you hope for?  For example you really want a new car, are you willing to kill or be killed for one? Think about it, then consider the other things you can hope for and see how that can totally benefit you and your life.

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