I love you

Posted: January 15, 2012 in I love you, Love

I love you

How do you really know when you love someone? I guess first you would have to understand love. I mean define it. In the Webster dictionary sense but for giggles I’ll go ahead and define that for you: A deep, tender feeling of affection and solitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship or a sense of oneness. The true definition comes from ones self what love means to you. I was taught be a wise man in my youth that love meant to share with, to care for, and to protect. For you it may mean something else, you may represent and show that emotion differently.

To say I love you to a person is to give your self to them, because you’re opening yourself to feel that emotion for them. It appears that you love yourself enough to allow yourself to feel that emotion. See to love isn’t limited to just romantic feelings for another being. You can have friendship (platonic) love for someone you’re close to, care for, and just want the best for at the end of the day. The next is family love this love is self explanatory but for those that don’t know it’s the love you only have for family or those that you consider family. The next love is general love, that love you have for the everyday person you see on the street, the person you don’t know, the average run of the mill person. The last love is the relationship love, we all know, want, or have had this before. This is the love we’re successful in and have fallen in. To move effortlessly in this area of love one has to be fearless and fearful, open, close, and prepared for anything. See in all areas of love the movements are unpredictable. The reason this is the case is because you are dealing with another person. When dealing with the heart of another you can’t predict how they may or may not react. How they may or may not feel, and what they may or may not do that’s why love is dangerous. The thing about this danger is that we have no problem facing it head on; we have no problem moving forward and trying to preserve what we have in it. So I close this encouraging you to find love, exist in love, and be in love at least with yourself.

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