Posted: January 17, 2012 in Seductions


In the art of seduction it is task that one has to be prudent with. They have a few forms of seduction the two we will focus on hard and soft seduction.

The hard seduction is the direct approach where you state your case strongly and directly. This approach is aggressive and could leave people with a bad taste in their mouth. Forcing people to close off listening to you and the key is in this world where you need millions to hear your message this approach could doom you. The hard seduction can easily leave a person upset knowing they have  been played and just disposed of with no choice in the matter because they were being seduced.

The second approach is the soft seduction the indirect approach. This approach is entertaining, gentle, and can have numerous repetitions without irritating people. The truth is most people who are trying to get over on you will give you a song and dance before they lay their issue out to you. There are a few ways to do this; you want to inform your people, stir their emotions, make the delivery seem more important than the message, speak the language to your target, start a chain reaction, and tell people who they are. This approach has the potential to be successful because people don’t see the message or the intended message on the back end or the lower levels because they are distracted by the song and dance routine that has been put on. That is what the soft seduction is capable of doing.

These two methods are proven to have their own successes given the moment, the opportunity, the issue, and the audience. See seduction isn’t totally sexual in nature. Every seduction has sexual elements when trying to sell to someone seduction plays a major role. Making people feel so comfortable that when they make a decision they are less likely to go back on it is major, where they’re so stuck on the details of the situation they can’t see that they are being played, suckered out of whatever. Think of used car salesmen this is what they do all the time, think of the people selling hot items this is the technique used for that. Seduction is a technique that has been studied and perfected by con men and woman for centuries. The group of people usually associated with doing it to perfection is gypsies. I think any person or group is capable to do it and make it happen to another group. Usually the more in the group, the easier it is to accomplish. So take notes and watch yourself before you find yourself seduced.

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