Space Games

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Space

Space Games

Giving your mate space is/can be an important tool to a long lasting marriage or relationship. Every once in a while one partner should leave the house without the other. Being around someone everyday and everynight even in the best circumstances can become frustrating and claustrophobic. Anything is possible for example one partner can be upstairs reading and the other downstairs watching movie. While both parties are in the same house they aren’t in the same space, thus allowing room for one to miss the other. I think the worst thing that can happen is making a partner feel trapped or backed into a corner.

Now for both parties this can mean that there is a fear of the other party cheating. I mean while you never know what a person is doing at anytime. Trust is such an important element when forging that life long bond. Once a partner feels that trust from you you’ll see that coming and going happens a lot less. Freedom is funny because the more you have it the less it’s exercised. Coming and going on your own time without grief from a partner is major. The key to doing this the right way is showing your partner that you’re concerned about their mental well being and that you understand sometimes a little time to at least think is important. Your mate maybe confused and feels like something is off or wrong here but assure then that this is just a suggestion to give them a bit of breathing room. When they get back show them what their missing and the fact you missed them. This space game allows for the relationship to continue staying healthy.

Honestly a space game is not a real game it is a choice, a movement, a belief in the fact that sometimes even if it’s an extended shower a person may need a little bit of time to themselves.

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