Posted: January 19, 2012 in Perfection


I’m no longer chasing perfection, I ‘m chasing satisfaction. See I find myself looking over life and realizing that chasing perfection is an endless marathon that wastes time and energy. Not saying a person shouldn’t chase or strive to be better more like know there is a plateau, there has to be a point where you’ve had enough and its okay. We will always look out the window across the yard and see someone else’s grass greener. If you’re broke with a wife and kids you’ll envy the bachelor millionaire next door, if you’re the bachelor millionaire you’ll envy the family man. This paradox or trend can be found in any and every situation in life. See you have to find your own level, your own plateau of what’s enough and run for it. Once this belief is reached and achieved then nothing else will stand in your way. That little pesky word “perfection” will be an after thought and miracles will come true. As long as there is no extra monkey on the back perfection is possible, just remember perfection is very relative. For me perfection can equal happiness. I want happiness without complication. It seems like I have been having uneasy complications with this happiness thing. The tribulations are too much, too much of something that I can’t begin to describe. It seems like the cost of being happy in this time is so high. If you want to share your happiness with a person they want your soul on the other side, i.e. they want you to give up some of your richest treasures to have that happiness. See happiness is a part of perfection for if a person isn’t happy then perfection will continue to be a distance never to be reached. To achieve perfection one has to have perfection in parts of their lives. It’s like building a building and you have to pick the right materials from jump street or the project goes no where. So your chase of perfection is over and becomes a moot point. Know what you’re chasing, where you’re trying to get to and once you know that then try and understand why, then perfection becomes an easier goal to achieve if you believe it can be achieved. As for me there is no perfection, there is a try it to make it work and getting there. I will get there no matter what. Then I guess when I reach happiness I’ll have my choice to call it perfection or not.

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