Amateur Action

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Love, Porn, Relationship

Hey Advisor,

I was running around the internet looking at amateur porn as i have done off and on and I saw my current girlfriend in a video. It wasnt uploaded by me but it was a recent upload by the user and I am unsure if its old or new, what do I do?


Hey Confused,

Hmm this is an interesting question. Well i guess the first question you need to ask yourself is how you feel about your girl in the video? Did you enjoy it?  were you mad? Once you figure that out then you need how to proceed. If you are concerned with her cheating then you need to find something to date the video. for example a mark on her body, hair color, body shape, background or anything. If its old then hey we all have done things in our past and charge it to the game. sit her down and tell her about it. If you feel you may get in trouble for looking at porn then tell her a concerned friend saw the video and forwarded to you because he thought it looked like her. You also need to show the video to her. advise her to give it to you honest.  You may want to try and contact the user saying you may know her and try and see if they can date it for you and may provide you with more information.

Good luck

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