Guide to finding love to keeping love

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Guide, I love you, Love

To find love, one must first and foremost love themselves. To love yourself, you have to be willing to go on the journey to self healing and self reflection. On this post you may learn things about yourself that will disturb, shock, make you cower in fear.

To make it through is a blessing that means you’re a survivor, a warrior, you know how to learn and apply. Next thing after self reflection is actualizing. Taking the things you know about yourself and applying them to your life step by step. In doing this you’re training and preparing yourself for the person you want to be and the person you seek. The next thing is prayer and meditation. Through prayer and meditation one can achieve a deeper level of understanding. The understanding are the things they want vs the things they have in place.

Once these steps are achieved you truly love yourself and know yourself well enough to invite someone new into your life and tell them about yourself. Introducing yourself with understanding is different. The person can now see you and appreciate you for who you truly are and the beauty that is you. This will open you to love.

Once the connection is made to knowing yourself, that will allow you to help them with the project that is you. Once you have access to this love with the other person you can keep it long and strong by being honest and open with intentions, visions, and views associated with that love. Doing these practices including letting them, talking to them, associating and referring to them in manners allows room for love and all the beauty attached. You can take the hits, the beauty, the failure, and the wisdom associated with it. Thus keeping love. If you want  your chance at attaining and keeping love try following these steps and see where they lead you.

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