Posted: April 24, 2012 in Communication, Guide

This is my first attempt to delve into the world or the art of communication. I believe in all relationships communication is important. I feel we need to find the most effective and positive way to convey our message. No matter how awful it is to the other person. Author Robert Green of the 48 Laws of Power says “Our attempts to communicate with them (people) become absorbed in all of the noise that fills their ears in daily life.” What does this statement say to you? That rarlly do people take the single words or statements you say in as you mean them or give them the chance you want them to have. Sometimes people just hear them and take them with a grain of salt.

Communication is important and for some reason people feel like they need to do the extra things to ensure you over stand. They feel like no one hears them or understands their statements. Communication is important in relationships. Not romantic but all relationships. One has to listen clearly and speak clearly. With these two in place great communication can happen and continue to happen.

Communication isn’t limited to just verbal because there can be an action that a person is doing that annoys you, no matter how many times and ways you say its annoying it may take for you to show them the action for the message to really get through. Mirroring the action is a way of getting them to change a bad habit. Other ways of communication include persuading someone to accomplish something great. This gives them real experience to draw from. It will then translate to a deeper level of confidence. To communicate an important idea allows the person who is following to connect the dots on their own allowing them to feel as if it comes from their own minds that penetrates deep behind peoples defenses.

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