Posted: April 25, 2012 in Seductions
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I have previously spoke on this target and if you want to get a dose of that go here.

Now I will add a jewel to that masterpiece of posts with another one about seduction.


A Seductress is one who uses their prowess to attract and keep their target. To be a great seductress one must know how to seduce your target. Seducers must adapt their way of proving themselves. The seductress is one who finds a way to adapt to the situation and the people around.

Picking a target is one of the most important things a seductress has to do. A worthwhile target allows the seductress time to study, plan, and act of what seduction they want to carry out. Target selected then next is the approach. The approach is important because as the seductress you want to be memorable but not pesky. Your entrance needs to be as great as your exit. From this point the game starts. From dodging and playing hard to get, to giving just enough to keep them interested and coming back. Once you get noticed time to keep attention and the attention focused on you. To keep your seduction in tact you never want to appear over anxious, maybe a little jealous, and your drive should show. A true seductress is not just after the physical seduction, she’s after the mental, emotional, spiritual as well as the physical. The physical being the easiest to conquer is always the first on the list. You may be asking yourself why it is the easiest. It’s the easiest because the flesh is weak. We all know this to be true so we should arrange ourselves accordingly. Seduction is a game that doesn’t have a time limit and when executed well can run for years. The target can be in your grasp for years if the game is played well.  When was the last time you were seduced?

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