So I’ve been paying attention to some things a lot more over the last few then any other time. What I’ve learned is that people are more crazy and hypocritical than I initially thought. A woman wants to be the mans close confidant, she wants to be the one that motivates and his main sounding board. That’s nice and a great thing I’m sure we can all agree on that. The issue always comes in when she doesn’t know how to play that role well. A woman can’t be a hypocrite and retain that role she wants to retain as a motivator and confidant.
Why would so one even turn to that person? I’ve mention previously about being the best you, rising from circumstance and situation, and just making do. Honestly there comes a point when accepting is not the best thing. Its like you have to do what’s right for you, find what motivates yourself and get there. Pushing that other person to the side and just running your race is important. Do that and I swear you win in the end. Your victory becomes the only that matters.

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