Posted: August 8, 2012 in Friends, Gay Male, Love

Hey advisor how do you feel about gays?


First I feel the proper term is homosexuals. Well when it comes to homosexuals and those in the community, I have no thoughts more than love who you love and enjoy that love. What I have a thought about is those who aren’t really in the community and are in fact Homosexual etc for only attention. Those are the ones who I feel give those who are genuinely homosexuals a bad vibe and a name. These are the people who don’t go about their normal life living homosexuals they just do whatever they can to draw attention by being so over the top in public. I know people want to do P.D.A. which is fine; I know people are in love which is great love is a great thing. I have seen homosexuals men on the street who were together and they were holding hands, I had to do a double take to ensure they were it wasn’t obvious to me initially. I feel that’s cool because it means you are in love and oblivious to those around you and what they think about you or even care about what they feel about how you’re doing what you do. It is the ones I see on the train, in the streets, and other venues whom put on an event to show how “gay” they appear. These are the same ones who as guys put on makeup and walk swaying their hips put on tight clothes claiming this is who they are; for most its not at all. I feel if you are truly a girl trapped in a mans body do what you can to get the operations and keep it moving. There are many men who are g homosexual on Wall Street who get up every morning and put on a suit and tie and operate like a man everyday. I feel like just be with you are, your true self, your true identity and let the rest fall by the waste side.  I support LOVE, BE IN LOVE!!!

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