The Book Craze

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Communication, Do You, Emotional health, Friends, Relationship

So today I got into a good discussion with my friend of many years about “self-help relationship books”  The one she mentioned was the famous book turned into a movies recently.  The author of that book is a famous comedian, has been married multiple times, and seems to be a generally nice guy. I am sure he would agree with me when I say that these books like his and others should be used as nothing more than guides. While I am sure he brings a lot of truths, a lot of innovative thoughts, and interesting perspective in the book especially what I’ve read up to this point there is no way to simple break down a person into one of two categories. Furthermore if your relationship is that generic then what  does that say about you as a woman and you decision making? Think Im picking on you huh?? well how can someone that never has met you, lives probably 700 miles away be able t sum up your relationship in a book especially if he doesn’t even know what happened in the relationship? Like i said if he can then what does that say about you and your decision making ability? Then again maybe I know nothing and I’m a hater….isn’t that what you’re thinking? I’ll leave you with one last thought if you took another book like say the bible word for word you’ll be sawing your kid in half and in prison one its done……..

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