Real Freak Test

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Anal, Freak
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This vid is something you guys may want to try just for yourselves of if you’re brave put the results in the comments. Cooking this up for the masses. Good Luck!!!

  1. 12950 🙂 unless my addition is wrong 🙂

  2. AJ Rimmer says:

    ok what is finger popped?

  3. AJ Rimmer says:

    well, 12050 but some I didn’t count because I wasn’t sure if it counted.
    I mean I’ve given a blow job in public, but not had intercourse. I’ve had sex on my mother-in-laws bed, but not MY parent’s bed. I had sex on my sister’s couch, but not on a friend’s bed (phew huh Crystal). And I still don’t know what finger popping is… 🙂

    • Advisor says:

      We csn count the sister. Mother and law and finger popping is the art of fingering where you pop the finger from the vagina on exit

      • AJ Rimmer says:

        too bad you don’t have fisting on the list.

      • Advisor says:

        working on the nexgt video now, should be longer and more stuff on it thats another thing to add maybe I missed. I will try and make it a bit longer/thicker or something closer. 😀

      • AJ Rimmer says:

        I like long hard and thick… LOL
        I never did see your score.
        here are some more ideas, feel free to ignore them.
        stranger sex (never new the person’s name), pool sex, washing machine sex, been a dom, been a sub, tied up, ect., car sex, drive in movie sex, sex with 2 or 3 different people in one day, sex with someone your friend had sex with. lol
        I really need to have outdoor sex.

      • Advisor says:

        Hey thanks for the advice. I actually just finished the video for pt.2 but part 3 you’re on, I am going to add some of these that i”m missing I hope you enjoy this one. 😉 My score was relatively low on that first video 8350

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