Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I remember back when my mother was alive, she used to get on me alot because i had a thing for listening to her word for word and sometimes “catching” her in a lie. It wasn’t really my intention I just wanted to under stand what she said really.  Now I listen to people and I listen to them catch themselves up in lie, fallacies, and just interesting stories. I just talked to an associate recently who asked me acquire some information, when i come back with it from the source because it wasn’t what they knew, and it went against what they thought I was wrong, it had to be something else. See I am an honest person, I don;t lie especially wen trying to get a point across, I usually trust people not to lie either but well we all know how it goes. What I have come across more often than not is that folks are cool with assuming any and everything as opposed to hearing the truth and deciding that the information is worth their time and energy. That leads to hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is something I have had happen to me more now than any other time in my life. In one conversation I had recently it happened all in one breath.  People flip flopping because the decision now has something to do with them so they flip to the other side. What do you guys feel and think about actions like that? do you think its a right movement or what do you think should be done?

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