Freak Test 2.0

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Here is the all new edition of the freak test. I hope you guys enjoy. I have added some more to the list, even a bonus and the maximum score available is added as well. I hope you enjoy. Please don’t hesitate to share and add your score.


  1. AJ Rimmer says:

    So, being the innocent virgin that I am (LOL) I don’t know what being a “Bukkake participant” is.
    So, my pre Bonus score is only 11600, plus the 6000 is 17600. I really need to expand my horizons. LOL

    • Advisor says:

      I have to do my score very soon but you’ve inspired me to work on the next video. Now onto the Bukkake. A bukkake is the process of having a male or female in the center of a circle of men or woman and have them ejaculate onto them. Mostly it is a single woman and as few as five men and as many as 13. So I figure a participant is either the person in the center or the person doing the spraying. Man you had a hell of a score, I am sure I am no where near that.

      • AJ Rimmer says:

        Well, I’ve had a busy year. I have had a life-time of experiences to make up for this past year. It does sound very fun. I googled it (I didn’t get a clear explanation) but It looks and sounds like fun. I want it all in my mouth!

      • Advisor says:

        Wow I honestly have to say I envy your busy year and I hope it continues and you full fill every one of your desires. From. What I’ve seen it does look interesting for the woman and if it was a group of woman squirters I bet it would be fun for the guy.

      • AJ Rimmer says:

        hmm that would be kinda fun for the guy he’d have to take it all… well every female I talk to sex about I’ve helped her learn how to squirt (or she helped me). LOL stop thinking that, just by describing things and talking, I let the guy do that type of help. However, I wouldn’t want to be sexually doing anything in the same room as these wonderful people. I like to keep my friends and my freaky separate.

      • Advisor says:

        wow so you’ve taught some woman? thats awesome. Descriptions can help as long as people are listening. Yeah unless they are on a certain level of friends then no need to share your freaky side with them, unless they arn’t close a one time thing and just kind of keeping it moving.

  2. honesttee says:

    I LOVE ITTTT!! Can’t wait to see more. Feel free to follow my blog. Just a girl on the road to sex psychiatry and blogging about it!

    • Advisor says:

      Hey glad you like it, I’m working on a part 3 and maybe something else coming who knows. I’ll be sure to check your space out as soon as I touch the computer.

  3. AJ Rimmer says:

    Reblogged this on TripleXcapades: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly. and commented:
    Try this, it’s fun.

  4. AJ Rimmer says:

    So, I did it to you… something I’ve fantasized about happening to me, I did it to you…
    Yes, I reblogged your blog. Exciting. LOL

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