Freak test 3.0

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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This is the new freak test I put together, man there are so many things to cover and not cover.. changed a few things added some things. Hope all like and Maybe you figure out some new things to try. I may work on another one soon, and if you have any suggestions make them known.

  1. AJ Rimmer says:

    My score was only 25,900. I must say I didn’t include sex in a hot tub or a car because I’ve only received amazing finger jobs (no penis entry) in the public hot tub and I’ve only given oral in the car so I wasn’t sure if those counted.
    I did one time have a squirting orgasm from just a verbal IM with someone without any outside stimulation. He was great with words.
    So, what was your score?

    • Advisor says:

      Man Im so tame… or is it lame… probably both i think my score max at 7200 smh. I need a life

      • AJ Rimmer says:

        You need an adventurous partner. Good luck finding one. I’m lucky I found one that really pushes my limits and has me try new fun things. It’s been an interesting year.

      • Advisor says:

        Yeah you are right, but one i clear some things up I think adventure will find me

      • AJ Rimmer says:

        Also, not getting a high score doesn’t make you tame or lame, it just means there is a lot left to do. If I had taken this a year and a half ago I would have scored in the hundreds. As I said, it’s been an interesting year.

      • Advisor says:

        right congrats on the year, and I know m lame as hell lol. I need more excitement and more interesting people. got to clean out the closet

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