It takes nothing away from you…..

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Ladies we as men understand you want to be wanted, that you want to reserve something for yourself and all that. Thats great, but don’t forget we are human and sometimes we want to be wanted as well…… Just saying

  1. AJ Rimmer says:

    I am good at verbally and physically expressing that I miss, appreciate, want, need, like, and desire someone. But, I sometimes feel frustrated when guys just seem not to be able to use words in combination with physical actions.
    I know one guy that was great with words, but never backed it up physically.
    And my friend now is very good at physically expressing how he feels about me, but basically refuses to say anything verbally. I think he is scared to say things like “I miss you” etc unless it is something like “I need you mouth on my cock”. LOL
    I know people are different I just wish… I don’t know

    • Advisor says:

      yeah i totally understand what you mean. I sometimes wish that all people were a bit more expressive in totality, within the confines of limits of course. I mean when it comes to foreplay or getting a person open to accepting you sometimes words can do the trick, even faster than actions.

      • AJ Rimmer says:

        I TOTALLY agree there. That’s why sexting is so fun. Hehehe

      • Advisor says:

        Yes got to love sexting. I enjoy the freedom associated with it.

      • AJ Rimmer says:

        My problem is I always mean what I say when I sext. So if I say, “I want you to face fuck me, thrust you cock deep down my throat, and swallow your creamy cum” I mean it.
        I didn’t realize that for some it is just fun but empty words. There are a number of guys that say, “I want to go down on you, that REALLY don’t mean it.” LOL

      • Advisor says:

        Yeah I feel you. I mean I’m usually game for whatever I sext. If I say I’m going to eat you til you explode then dammit I’ll give it a go. I like to keep it fun but I also like to chase pleasure.

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