Crisis of Faith

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Poetry
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Crisis of faith

Can’t tell you how long
How many times faith has been tested
The good and bad never been bested
My beads break in my hand
As I counted the digits
Felt their curves
They splinter with my frustration
In those moments Im floating on a cloud
Trying to capture thunder
To relight my dark corridors
The darkness and light battle
Hard, long, fierce
To control the source of limitlessness
I’m a diamond in the rough
A injured demi god on the mend
But my crisis of faith
Troubles Asgard
My human side produces this crisis
To believe and continue
To know and to change course
Its easy to change course
Go the other way
Break heads and balls
Forsake all I know
All responsibilities and just
Do what’s “wrong”
Don’t believe in consequences
Put no stock in the payment
Take my captured lightening
My strengths from the Gods
And end all questions
Share no answers
Just act


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