Q & A – Not Measuring up.

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Love, Married, Relationship
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Dearest Advisor,

I am considering leaving my guy because he has a small dick. Should I?

Considering A Change

Hey C.A.C.

This question may sound rude but can he leave you because you’re ugly? How would you feel about that? I understand a womans need to be “full” and feel like they are reaching their maximum potential. I get it, I just wonder why are you with him to begin with? You could easily have just walked away when you realized his tool didn’t measure up. I would suggest you  consider who he is as a person, what else he brings to the table, does he make you happy, and can you see forever with him? Answer these question then consider letting him go.  While my initial response  was rather rude it posed the same questions he would have to face it the situation was reversed. If he doesn’t measure up Then why not use enhancements? for example sit him down and tell him hey “I love you”, ” I love everything about you”  and then drop the bomb. I know it is complicated and can lad to him being closed towards you but consider how leaving him or cheating on him may make him feel. Try adding something to spice up the situation, a dildo, a extender, jelqing, exercises, and whatever else. I want you to consider if he is even worth it for you. Good Luck and go be happy!


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