Q & A – Cheater

Posted: February 23, 2013 in cheater
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Man this subject seems to never get old.

Hey Advisor,     

                My wife cheated, I am not sure how but I do have the evidence that she did and I am unsure what exactly to do with that information. How should I handle it?

Chasing My Love

Hey  chasing what’s the science?

First thing you need to know is that marriage is a challenge in every aspect. It is an ever evolving system of duo emotions and experiences that both parties have separately and bring back to join together, onto the topic.  How did you come across this information? If she valued you and your relationship any it wouldn’t have been as simple as you opening the fridge door. She must love you for the fact you had to go hunting. Not defending her just stating a simple fact. Now on to topic, if you feel it was more than a one off and more like a fling then you may not want to come to her and be in the middle of explaining yourself and how you came across this information. If you feel it is deeper than that then you need to sit her down and keep it honest and open. Tell her you came across this information, she can’t dispute it, you need to know what the deal is, and you want to know what happened that this ad to happen. Now before you confront her you need to decide if you are ready to hear what she has to say. She may tell you that she was bored, or you didn’t live up to expectations, or that she need something new. Be sure you can handle that information. Then if she gives you all the information and you deem it all. Then make a decision about what is enough for you to want to work it out and stay. If you decide to work it out, she needs to do work as well as yourself. If at any time you feel she isn’t doing enough you need to let her know immediately and move on. I am always open for a try but you can’t handle the load solo, I wish you good luck on your marriage.

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