Q & A – Friends With Benefits

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Freak, Friends, Relationship
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Hey Advisor,

                What’s normal in a friends with benefit situation?

Benefiting Friend


Hey Benefiting,

Well I have to keep it honest; there is nothing normal about it. Usually friends with benefits situation start with one of both people feigning away from the emotional attachments and responsibilities that a relationship entails. Women tend to think this is a male’s dream and it’s more of a fantasy for a moment. We are as emotionally invested as you ladies are in relationships. The normal protocol in this situation is for both people to understand what the other is looking for in the situation. Talking about that first so there are no surprises. Making sure if you’re exclusive or not and what goes with that as far as availability and all the things that make each other comfortable. So yes it is much like a relationship in that respect. The normal things is that two people who are friends or comfortable around one another engage in sexual activity on an as needed basis. They usually don’t accompany each other on any outing that may give the impression they are together, unless they are friends before then an appearance together is normal. The one thing to remember about F.W.B. is that it is low emotional if any at all so no one really gets attached or expect anything more. I hope you enjoy your friends with benefits situation.

  1. AJ Rimmer says:

    I agree that FWB’s are difficult. I enjoy a good fuck and I’ve have Fuck Buddies (FB), but I make it very clear we are Fuck Buddies enjoying each other for sex. If they say they want to be FWB’s I tell them that I’m not emotionally in a stage ready for that. Even FB’s can get emotional. I try to keep it to less than 4 times with that no personal so attachments occur.
    Of course I’m not one to talk. I’m currently kinda “with” someone who started out as a FB and I’ve been with them for about 6 months. We haven’t “defined the relationship”. We enjoy sex with each other, we are exclusive, and we enjoy hanging out. We aren’t dating as far as I know. He feels like the only thing he has to offer is sex right now. I have NO idea what is going on. LOL oh well. It works for me right now.

    • Advisor says:

      You take a great approach to the whole thing. I think its mature and the way to go with it. Its good to know as bests as you know and keep things up front and honest

      • AJ Rimmer says:

        I believe in being blatantly honest. It frightens some people away tho. I don’t say anything to hurt anyone’s feelings, I just like people to know where I stand because the last thing I want to do is hurt someone. When sex is involved humans are evolved to have a lot of emotions so it can be tricky.

      • Advisor says:

        you are so right and bring forth th truth in which I spoke and the spirit in which I thought of answering this question.

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