Posted: February 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

I went to visit a friend and while there he had on two can play that game. I am not sure if you guys remember that movie, it was the one with Vivica A Fox and Morris Chestnut. In this movie she plays a woman who feels she can control her man by playing a game using a 10-days system. I will tell you something its a secret I will let you in on, these games don’t work.

Men hate games, men hate to be played and sooner or later they will figure out your game and make you pay. Not in a negative way at all you just stand your chance to lose the man.  See the things about some woman is that they want to maintain control over the relationship and control over the entire situation. control is not a good thing for one person, not at all. One of the main reasons to have control you have to be willing to take consequences for the actions.  The one thing I have learned is that woman hate to take responsibility for their actions, they will find a way to blame you and for you to take responsibility for anything that happens that is not right. I hate to place blame, I really do, I mean men sometimes play games, but this movie is indicative of the mind space that woman are in all the time feeling they can do whatever needs to do to maintain control and from what I was told make sure they aren’t hurt in the process.

Its funny because from what I have learned from the conversations I have had woman will take a small occurrence to mean something has changed and they will react accordingly as opposed  to having a civilized conversation.  When I say that I don’t mean a blaming, yelling shouting, threatening match I mean constructive conversation. Also another thing I have learned is that woman sometimes think because they have you that no other woman wants you, like because shes that bomb and on your arms no other woman is checking for you, or because you look a certain way you can’t get woman. I have news for you ladies another trade secret. On any given day any guy can pull can any female, if you’re confident and your  words are on point then you can pull any female, no matter fat, skinny, nerdy, whatever. I knew a homeless guy who had a bunch of girls and none of them knew he was homeless. he kept himself clean and just had a mean talk game. another thing I noticed is woman leaving something to chance. Woman sometimes give the appearance of people over confident so they think they are doing everything they need to do as it relates to their man, but guess what why you’re being super woman it stands to reason there is something left open or to chance that another woman may slip in, so you have to make sure to do your part on the matter.

doing your part in the relationship isn’t hard it is basically doing what you did the keep the guy but a bit more spread out over time, or in more places so the guy feels valued. Hell sometimes a good game is needed to keep the relationship from being stale. Try is out and good luck.

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