Recovery Completion (poetry)

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Poetry
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I have a punch of new posts I am working on but I decided to share a poem I just completed. I hope you guys enjoy this as always a labor of love.


Recovery Completion

My script is a prescription

For my addiction

To you

Relapsed a few times in recovery

Now Im through

No cards, kisses, and pussy is good enough

I got my coin to keep me company

Tells me I can do me without you

Doesn’t mean that love isn’t there

So is the hurt

I’ve been burnt

Dealt and return

You had in circles like the world turn

Its cool, I don’t forgive, dam sure don’t forget

All the time, energy, emotion, power, and money spent

For you to diss, dismiss, and turn your lie on me

I got you, I set myself free

Ready to return, after my days of cleansing

Rehabbing  the heart and mind, spoon bending

Oh, I was mending

A heart shattered into more piece than I knew what to do

Begging for help you couldn’t offer a clue

Love? Where’s the love you want me to see?

You dam sure don’t desire me

If you did, you would have been sick as a dog

Ultimately how it turns your flesh would burn

Not so much you enjoyed that touch

We’re “okay” being in front of me

You love me so much?

Now we’ll see

Right now time for me to flee

On a journey to make me happy

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