Men/Woman/ Love

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Men and woman love differently. I know that to be true.

Men spend a lot of their time chasing a female an when we get them we spend a lot of time not trying to piss them off.

Woman spend a lot of their time being chased by a male and loving it.

When the people get into the relationship, the woman especially if scorned spends a lot of time trying to piss the male off and push him to the limit to “See what it would take to push him away.” Then spend the same amount of time trying to get him to come back. I would consider that a waste of energy really. Why waste energy on that Why not use it to energy and capacity to love in a more direct way?

Men spend their time and energy trying to make the female happy and keep himself out of her cross hairs as it relates to hr being upset and taking it out on him. Also he never wants to push her to the limit and have her consider why shes still there.


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