Posted: March 21, 2013 in Communication, I love you, Love, Married, Relationship
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Men and woman talk are very different. When it comes to her she will tell you we are team and everything verbally, then when it comes down to action she’ll say. “you’re a man you can handle it.”. When he says we’re a team he’s doing any and everything to make sure they both come out on top.

Funny story…..

I’ll never forget a few years back having a convo with a girl and she asked about the future. She uttered the statement “if we’re together we’re a TEAM.” Me being me I asked what does that mean? She says “if I want to go to school for another degree, my masters, etc u pay for school and the house hold expenses.” In my head “cool” so I ask another question “what if I want to go back would u help out?” Her response was ” You’re a grown man, I’m not supporting a grown man.” I could have died laughing. I’m like where is the dam team?

Interesting thing is this happens every day somewhere.

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