Posted: March 24, 2013 in Communication
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I have always found it interesting how men and woman communicate. Men are often the ones with few words, less action, and directness. Woman are full of monologue speeches, They want to be validated and heard. Now The interesting distinction is when a man is talking a woman can interrupt them and tear his whole structure of thought down. When a woman is speaking and a man interrupter’s her we don’t respect her, don’t care what shes saying, and  feel like her point isn’t valid. Woman want a man to be a man, so why is it when we share emotions and information we aren’t “real men” yet at the same time the woman wants us to be open and share our feelings about something. It can be so confusing how, where, and why they say certain things.

I can recall having a conversation recently where I was told I didn’t validate this woman’s P.O.V. on me. The reason why I didn’t off the break was because all I understood was they way she felt no what she was talking about or even what she meant. My questions in an effort to understand seemed to take away from her feeling of validation. So i ask. do you want me to just say “ok?” she replies no. So my questions come in “if I don’t understand, and my questions don’t validate you and make you feel bad, then i shouldn’t ask them and just say “yes, ok” correct? she replied no i want to hear your take and how you feel and all those things. So then I end up being confused and witht he belief she just wants a yes boy basically. Confusion is something and clarity is another.

  1. Sassy Sarah says:

    As a woman I can see how we can frustrate the hell out of men…Sometimes all we want is someone to listen to us,,,We need to hear our shit out loud…Men tend to listen and are looking for ways to fix what we are talking about….We don’t always want to be fixed, we just want to talk….but then there are times we do want to be fixed…I know this is not a lot of help, because it all depends on where we are at that moment, and the chance of us knowing is small…
    I have learned that I am better off venting on one of my girlfriends and not my man because he wants to fix it….Most of the time I don’t want it to be fixed, but when I do that is when I talk to him…
    So I say Good Luck!! I mean that with all my heart….

    • Advisor says:

      You know what I agree, A lot of the time we are looking to fix and make it better as we are programmed to do by society and experience in life. I think for me i listen but i may have questions and that leads to frustrations, especially if my advice on the topic is being sough out. Thank you for the good luck. I am sure it is something all men are experiencing. I guess the one major source of confusion for a man is when we are asking to express and she isn’t listening. Different topic, different day. 😀

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