Men/Woman/Interesting Dynamic

Posted: March 26, 2013 in cheater, I love you, Love
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A woman will cheat on her man all day, Maybe she’ll hide it maybe not. She may look at her man and want him to get jealous of the other guy. The minute he does “what you don’t trust me?” She may even look at her own man as undesirable, and if she doesn’t desire him then who else would?

At the same time she is treating him like she doesn’t want him and he’s the ugliest thing in the world. The minute another woman shows a bit of interest in a compliment, a harmless flirt or even right out wants to get at her man she is out in the open clawing at her eyes.

So basically she can do whatever and its “ok” but let him do something and its martial law?

Just interesting!!!!

I’ve watched this happen a few times int he street or with people i casually know. Its funny because when asked “Is this our new norm and what we are doing?” the woman will reply no and feel bad for a few secs and thats it, she”ll go back to doing whats he wants to do. Because really its about her and her wants.

I know for myself, I ask because I feel if you are confident enough to do it, cop to it, lets call it our new normal and now i know whats going on and i can adjust myself accordingly.  I wonder if the adjustment is whats so hard for the woman. Maybe!!

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