Posted: May 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I just read an article where it start off “In a time where people are being forced to take a stance of gay marriage……..” Why are people being forced to take an opinion? Now before you consider of think I am one way or another against or for, I have nothing against anyone. I am all for happiness how ever that works for you. I just disagree we should force people to take a stance. This issue is not race, this is personal preference more than anything.  I mean whats next we going to force people to decide between sweetener and sugar? Syrup and honey? Chicken and Beef? No one should have to come out publicly and express their feeling, thought or stance. It is not right. At this time in history where so many of our personal rights, thoughts, and communication is being violated or blasted in a public forum don’t we deserve to have our own thoughts? Don’t we have the right not to have to express our thoughts or share them with the world? If I am walking the street and i see a gay couple and i give them a nod its because their love may look peaceful and beautiful which is what love is supposed to look like. At then end of the day society is trying to force us to comment of cosign on who someone loves or don’t love. what qualifies me to comment, give suggestion, or tell you who to love or not love? even more than that why does my pinion even matter? when it comes down to my opinion mattering I feel like what you’re doing must be fake.  I said it before on another article where I felt some gay couples usually black go over board with expressing love (notethis has been my experience) like they are looking for validation from the outside world. If you are truly in love you don;t need anyone’s validation. You may want it and appreciate it but you don’t need it. That last lines goes to my whole point if these people are in love and are with who they say they want to be with then why do i need to share my opinion or validate it?  This is separate from the legal right to marry and all that. This is plainly just the idea and right for me to keep my opinion to myself. Don’t I have that right? I shouldn’t be forced to choose or share my choice with anyone. Respect that as much as you want people t accept your right to choose and right to be with who you want how you want.

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