Posted: May 27, 2013 in Loyalty
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Loyalty is important to all people. Be loyal to your family and friends. You’re loyalty is important. Loyalty is something you can’t buy, you can’t quantify, you can only magnify and make  mountains out of it.




When I think of it myself, I appreciate loyalty. I need to keep people around me thats loyal and that will look out for me when times are lean. I need to be able to look back and know that the person (s) are right there.  Sometimes you need someone to take one for the team. Loyalty produces that and puts people in a place where they are more likely to do that.

  1. Perhaps you have some loyal people around you…you just may not be aware of it. Folks typically don’t go around saying “Hi, I’m loyal. Let’s be friends!”

    • Advisor says:

      You’re right and I agree. think I have some loyal people around me. I admit at times i wish they would just walk up and say I’m loyal. Maybe I and others are asking for too dam much 😀

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