Posted: June 7, 2013 in Fetishes
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When you love you are willing to indulge in your partners fetishes. There is a term for these people it is Good Giving Game or GGG. It is my belief that these people may have their limit but usually they are willing to go far and do just about anything. as you grow up if you are able to have  great partner in your teens you can try out any and everything. For example teen girls are usually more advanced and open in so they maybe willing to try fellatio and cunnilingus, anal, role play, cos-play, and anything else you can even consider and you want to know why, because experience is amazing. I can remember there were a few experiences I had as a teenager here girls were willing and open to do a lot. Now I am not on to brag or even tell it all because to be quite honest i wasn’t able to have to many experiences as I had many responsibilities on my shoulder. I did have enough experiences.

Another group to target is the late teens early 20’s group. They are always open and willing to do just about anything as well. For most in this age group they are getting their first taste of true freedom. They are away from home for the first time, they are on their own with their own responsibility and want to just try everything. I remember when I was in my first semester in school I met so many interesting beautiful woman and some not so beautiful but they were definitely open and willing to try anything.  For example I met a girl in a class who openly told me she was a slut funny thing is she was very beautiful, There was another class where I met another beautiful exotic girl who told m how she loved to have sex in her van in the school parking lot, There is another one who loved the feeling of ecstasy and proceeded to pop a pill as we walked to the next class, lastly another girl i was in class with through sex parties, was engaged and her fiance who i met didn’t mind how hard she was hitting on me as she did it in front of him. I remember with her on time as I studied for an upcoming test in the school breeze way she lifted her skirt and showed me her uncovered ‘goods’.

I saw all these things to say that people are interesting and have interesting fetishes and if you love them and are willing to indulge it can be a fun time for you…. Enjoy and how about go and have your own experience.

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